Camberwell's Australian Men representatives

For the first time in the history of Australian hockey, participants, the media and hockey fans can explore every international match ever played by the country’s iconic Hockeyroos and Kookaburras and track the international careers of their hockey heroes.

The ground breaking Hockey Australia History Project is the result of more than five years’ painstaking work by former Australian coach Richard Aggiss and historian John Sanders, who are now looking for feedback from the hockey community.

Since 2008, with the support of individuals and institutions from across the country and beyond, the pair has put on record the result of every official match ever played by the Hockeyroos and the Kookaburras and the names of every athlete to have had the privilege of pulling on the green and gold of Australia.

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Our Australian Men representatives with Number and Debut Date

#108 Charlie Morley (7 August 1948)

#113 Keith Thornton (7 August 1948)

#165 Mike Craig (26 August 1960)

#172 Graham Wood (26 August 1960)

#253 Wayne Thornton (11 April 1980)

#275 Greg Read (29 November 1985)

#277 David Wansbrough (29 November 1985)

#279 Jay Stacy (17 June 1987)

#286 Lachlan Dreher (11 June 1989)

#337 Gavin Davis (1 August 2001)

#371 George Bazeley (5 February 2009)

#398 Andrew Philpott (3 May 2013)

NB Player Number = Consecutive number based on player debut (participation in an international match played under FIH conditions, whether or not registered with the FIH).