Men's Section - Final Reporting Meeting 2014

Notice is hereby given of the Men's Section Final Reporting Meeting to be held at 7.00 pm
on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at the Club rooms at Matlock Reserve, cnr Carinda
Road and Matlock Street, Canterbury. The Election of Office Bearers for the 2015 Men's
Section Committee will be conducted at this meeting. NB, the Annual General Meeting of
the Camberwell Hockey Club Inc. will begin immediately after this meeting (commencing at
8:00 pm).

Election of Office Bearers 2015

By-Law 18  The Board has established a committee under rule 30 of the Constitution to manage each Section (each a ‘Section Committee’).

By-Law 19  Each Section Committee shall appoint from the Eligible Members the following Section Committee members: a) Chair; b) Secretary; (c) Treasurer; and (d)  between 3 and 10 general committee members.

By-Law 20 The function of each Section Committee generally is to represent the interests of and manage the activities of the Section and work constructively and collaboratively with the Board to advance the interests of the Association as a whole.

By-Law 21 The specific functions, powers and duties of each Section Committee are set out in these By-Laws and include:
a)  Running the day-to-day activities of the Section;
b)  Dealing with all matters referred to it by the Board; and a number of other responsibilities detailed fully in By-Law 21.

The 2014 Men's Section Committee has decided (Meeting 10/2014) that the election of Office Bearers for the Men's Section Committee in 2015 will follow the procedure established for the election of an Elected Board Member. i.e. the nominee must be nominated by an Eligible Member (financial or Life Member) and the Nominee must consent in writing to the nomination. The signed Nomination Form is to be returned to the Men's Secretary 7 days before the Men's Section Reporting Meeting to be held at Matlock Reserve on Wednesday 26 November at 7:00 pm (before the CHC Inc. AGM at 8:00 pm).

Download Nomination Form