2015 Victorian Men's Masters Teams Announced

Congratulations to the 14 Camberwell players selected in this year’s Men’s Masters State Teams.

This year, the National Men's Masters Championships will be held from Saturday 26th September – Friday 10th October at the Cairns Hockey Centre, 365 Lake Street, North Cairns.

Scott Wright (35's) and his father Ian (70's) (from Echuca) will be playing in the Championships - a rare family achievement. Another highlight is Anthony Yeates playing in the 50's Division 2 side, following in the footsteps of his father, the late Ron Yeates, who was a stalwart of Australian Masters hockey.

Full details of teams:



Scott Wright

40's Division 1
Dan Miles
Jamie Watson
Adam Whitford

50's Division 2
Daryl Clarke
Tim Hogan
Andrew Neideck
Anthony Yeates

55's Division 1
Kevin McLaughlin
Bruce Phillips
Simon Winter

60's Division 1
Norman Same

Peter Ridland

John Longmuir