CHC's Fair Go, Sport! round mentioned in Victorian Parliament

Last weekend was Fair Go, Sport! round at Matlock.

Fair Go, Sport! is a program that Camberwell has been involved in since 2011 as one of the first pilot clubs within Hockey Victoria. FGS represents an opportunity to promote hockey as a safe and inclusive sporting environment for all – regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or identity. It seems even more fitting to remind ourselves of this given what has been happening among other sporting environments of late. 

Our special guests were Peter Gourlay (Senior Education Consultant, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission) who has been to every FGS round at Matlock and John Pesutto MP, State Member for Hawthorn and Shadow Attorney General. At the afternoon tea following our WPL match, John presented the Fair Go, Sport! cup to winners Camberwell – and individual medals for players displaying "great courage, sportspersonship, leadership and fairplay" were awarded to Krissy Bates from Camberwell and Caitlyn Campbell from Altona.

John Pesutto made a tribute to all our efforts in the Victorian Parliament this week.  His comments, recorded in Hansard, are as follows:

"Mr PESUTTO - On Saturday, 1 August I was honoured to attend Camberwell Hockey Club to participate in its Fair Go, Sport! round.  I presented the best and fairest medals after watching a highly competitive contest between Camberwell and Altona.  In the spirit of the Fair Go, Sport! initiative, it does not matter who won; what matters is that both teams and clubs demonstrated their commitment to fair play, good sportspersonship and mutual respect on the field.

The Fair Go, Sport! round is an initiative of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Equal Rights Commission to promote understanding about gender diversity and to eliminate discrimination.  It was ably and passionately represented by Peter Gourlay.  I congratulate the players and both clubs - indeed all clubs - who participated.  In particular I acknowledge Rosemary Kelly, a board member of Camberwell Hockey Club, and her colleagues Club President Harry Drakos, Steve Prior, Ellen Williamson, Stuart Will, Narelle Richardson, John Unkles and Richards Harris."

John Pesutto also wanted to say the following (but ran out of time):

"I also pay tribute to the Club's Inclusion Ambassador, Britt Simmons.

Camberwell Hockey Club sets the finest example in the promotion of diversity and participation - as indeed does Hockey Victoria.  Last year the Club was named the "Inclusive Club of the Year" from Hockey Victoria.

They understand how powerful sport can be in promoting understanding, respect and dignity.

To all involved, well done."

You can read both John Pesutto's letter and the Hansard comments here

Well done to all involved in organising the Fair Go, Sport! round, and especially to Britt Simmons, our Inclusion Ambassador.