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The Club has established a special internal business services directory called the CHC Community - “the Community”.

The Community is an opportunity for anyone associated with the Club to access services provided by other Club members. There is no charge to register but the Club always welcomes sponsorships or other forms of support from those providers who find the Community beneficial for their businesses.

Within our Club, we have a very wide range of expertise: accountants, architects, bankers, builders, car dealers, carpenters, dentists, doctors, electricians, engineers, financial planners, graphic designers, hockey coaches, jewellers, karate instructors, manufacturers, myotherapists, painters, personal trainers, property maintainers, retailers, solicitors, stockbrokers, tilers, web designers, window cleaners etc. etc.

The Community is designed to allow for the holders of these skills to be accessed by others within our Club

Want to get listed? Find out more information at the bottom of the page. 


Want to get listed?

1. Service Providers 
If you would like your service to be registered on the Community, simply fill out the form to the right.  

Who qualifies as a Service Provider? Anyone who has, or has had, a relationship with the Club. It may be you, an immediate family member, another relative, a past player or a supporter.

2. Access to Services
The CHC Community is designed to assist in strengthening the spirit within our Club. We hope that you will support this initiative. Do not hesitate to call us with any question or suggestion.

Note that the information is provided as a service to members but does not constitute a recommendation by the Club. At the bottom of each provider's page, CHC will have a disclaimer as to the quality of the goods and services provided.

"The Camberwell Hockey Club in no way endorses the products or services listed in the Business Directory. It is up to the user of the product or service to satisfy themselves that what will be provided is in accordance with their requirements."

For more information about the Business Directory, please contact:

John Simpson 0413 051 492
John Unkles 0417 258 396
or Peter Ridland 0437 885 116 email

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