Hockey Victoria High Performance & Athlete Development Guide

Key Points:

SSV State Team & HV Team Eligibility
Please Note – Change for 2013: This year players will be permitted to participate in both teams in 1 or 2 below if selected

1. U12 SSV team and the HV U13 state team and; 
2. U15 HV state team and the U16 SSV team.

For example a player can be selected to participate in the U12 SSV Team & U13 HV State Team or the U16 SSV Team & the U15 HV State Team.

Zone Challenge (Under 12, 14 & 16)
The Zone Challenge will be a four round event held during October and November and comprised of all 10 representative zone across Victoria in an U12, U14 & U16 Boys & Girls competition. This competition will primarily be played on Sundays.

Due to Hockey Australia's National Events Schedule the National Under 15 Championships will be played in April in 2014.

Therefore Hockey Victoria will be using the 2013 Zone Challenge as the final identification process for selection of an Under 15 State Team final training camp where the team will be selected to represent Victoria at the 2014 Under 15 National Championships. 

A final squad of 26 will be selected and invited to a training camp in late January 2014.

State Team Selection Process U13 & U15
All players wishing to be selected in the U13, U14, U15 State Teams must nominate via the Zone Team Nomination process. The Zone team nominations will be made available during late March and close on Monday 29 April.

Players will be observed throughout the hockey season at the State Development Program (SDP), preseason carnivals, club competition (metro), JCC, JSC.

Athlete Identification Officers (AIO) & Scouts will ONLY gather data on the selection criteria of athletes that are identified throughout the selection process in the following 3 athlete ranking categories:

A - Highly effective & skilled player in most criteria
B - Good player, needs development in some criteria
C - Something to like but needs development

The role of the AIO’s & scouts is to observe, record and identify player’s strengths and areas of improvement throughout the club competition (metro), JCC, JSC, SDP and preseason carnival.

At the conclusion of the JSC a final squad of 26 players will be selected for a final selection assessment session. A final assessment session will be run for U13,U14 and U15 teams.

It is important to note the state team WILL be selected on information gathered from the whole process, NOT just the final assessment session.

U13 & U15 State Team
The selection of the U13, U15 State Team will be selected from a final Selection session consisting of 26 players (22 field + 4 GK’s). The final selection session for the U13’s & U15’s will take place on Sunday July 28.

U14 State Team
The selection of the U14 State Team will be selected from a final Selection session consisting of 26 players (22 field + 4 GK’s). The final selection session for the U14’s will take place on Sunday August 4.

Note: Any U14 player not successful at the U15 State team final selection session will be invited to attend the U14 State team final selection session.

The squad of players to attend the final selection sessions will be selected following the completion of the JSC and be announced on Tuesday July 9.

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