Men's Masters

Camberwell Hockey Club currently has the largest Men's Masters unit in Victoria. 

In the 2017 Winter season, the Club will field ten sides on Monday nights and two 50+ side on Wednesday nights. 

Men's Masters Winter Teams 2017

Monday Night

35+ Masters A
45+ Masters A
45+ Masters B (North West)
45+ Masters B (South East) 
45+ Masters C (Central North) Tangerine
45+ Masters C (South East) Blue
45+ Masters C (South East) White
45+ Masters D Tangerine
45+ Masters D Blue
45+ Masters D White

Wednesday Night

50+ Masters A
50+ Masters B


Jim Forsyth (Convener)
Ralph Kerr (Secretary)
Simon Winter (Finance)
Warren Edney
Paul Linossier
Ian Poyser
Tony Schoer
Grant Trollope


Selection Panel

Ian Poyser (Convener)
Jim Forsyth
Paul Gibney
James Heath
Ralph Kerr
Grant Trollope

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Women's Masters

Camberwell Hockey Club has been very successful over the years in the Women's Masters competition. In 2017, we have again entered a second side to cater for the increased demand for competition.


Women's Masters Winter Teams 2017

35+ Masters A
35+ Masters B (South East)

Women's Masters Convener

Sally Wansbrough